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Prefold + Bio Inserts

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We have a terrific option of using disposable soakers along with cloth diapers! This is a great option if you want to use disposable soakers at daycare, or just out and about! The disposable inserts are biodegradable and you would lay them inside a waterproof cover, making them a great alternative to disposables, without being more expensive!

Every other week we deliver a standard amount of prefolds along with 30 biodegradable soakers.

Our better fit Prefold diaper service is made out of 100% unbleached cotton.  We use an updated prefold which gives you a trimmer fit more and absorbency. With our new updated prefold design, pens and snappi are no longer necessary.

Each week on the same day a Pishposh rep will pick up your solid diapers and drop off a fresh set right on your door step. We guarantee the same diapers back every week.

What's included in service

  • 80 Newborn/ Infant
  • 60 Medium
  • 50 Toddler
  • 4 weeks of service
  • 4 Diaper Covers